After killing the real texture of my hair, I now want my natural flow back. Can you give me some tricks on how to remove black hair dye naturally? I might dye them with some lighter shade soon.


Although, the hair color technology now provides you a variety of easy methods to remove your dark hair color, however; you should thoughtfully select your hair color as excessive chemical treatments damage your hair. A very easy tip is to take a front pose picture and edit it for different hair colors with readily available online software.
Here are some quick remedies to remove your black or dark hair color without bleaching.

1- Vitamin C Treatment

Vitamin C treatment is effective only if you have dyed your hair with semi-permanent color. Grind a few tablets of vitamin C and add a few drops of lukewarm water. Continue adding water until a uniform paste is made. Apply it all over the dyed area and wash with cold water after an hour.

2- Hair Color Removers

World renowned beauty and cosmetic brands produce hair color removers as well. These hair color removers should be used very carefully. A patent beauty salon should be preferred for such treatment. Remember to avoid immediate re-dying as the color will come back.

3- Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Make a paste of anti-dandruff shampoo and baking soda. Wash your hair 3 or 4 times with this mixture. If you don’t trust baking soda, then you may try anti-dandruff shampoo only. However; you will have to wash your hair for around 20 times with anti-dandruff shampoo only.

4- Hair Toner

Hair toners are the ready-to-use products which can be directly applied on the hair as per instructions. These toners blend the hair dyed color with the natural color and lighten the shade of your hair.